How to Choose the Right Bottle Blowing Machine

2022-07-30 15:45

Selection considerations:

1. Mechanical structure: the design of mechanical structure is definitely the most important. A good design can not only ensure the stability of the machine but also ensure the service life of the machine.

2. Output: according to its own production output requirements, select one out of two, one out of four, one out of six and other parameters of the machine, and buy according to the manufacturer's parameters.

3. Hot filling: for hot filling drinks, the bottle blowing machine needs a heat-resistant bottle blowing machine, which has special treatment for bottles to prevent deformation during filling.

4. Price: according to its own budget, the price is important, but a machine is composed of thousands of parts and accessories. The main material of the rack is different, the brand of each part is different, and the processing technology of each mechanical part is different. The price fluctuation range will be large.

5. Air source: the bottle blowing machine needs to be used with air source, because it is equipped with pneumatic devices. The combination of air compressor and bottle blowing machine is very important. They should meet each other, so as to save insufficient air pressure or excessive waste of resources, which can not achieve the goal of maximizing the energy efficiency ratio and saving costs.

6. After sales service: it is inevitable that some conditions will occur in the running machine. The service is considerate and the subsequent parts updating ability is strong.

Since the establishment of the factory, Juguang has always attached great importance to the after-sales service of products, such as sales of spare parts, technical provision, fixed-point service and training of technical personnel.

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