More Than 30 Years Of Manufacturing Experience
Juguang has more than 30 years of experience in the design and production of stretch blow molding machines. The blow molding machines provided by the company can provide a variety of plastic container production solutions for different requirements, from 100 ml small bottles to 5 gallon bottles.
Juguang has rich production experience in semi-automatic blow molding machines. Under decades of technical updates, optimized and improved machines are constantly updated, which are widely used in the production of carbonated beverages, mineral water, edible oils, pesticides and cosmetics containers, and also For making jars and hot-fill containers. These containers can be as small as a blown eyedrop bottle, as large as a five-gallon bucket or a large lampshade.
Juguang can provide packaging products ranging from a few milliliters to 30 liters, and even large-scale industrial packaging products with a volume of up to 1,000 liters. Our uninterrupted hollow extrusion blowers, accumulator extrusion blowers, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic hybrid drives and some other technologies can guarantee the quality of your final product.
Juguang's injection molding machines are diversified, covering all application standards and international quality standards. With clamping forces between 600 and 125,000, high machine performance and low price points, our machines create a critical competitive advantage for our customers.
As a professional PET/PP preform mold manufacturer in China, Juguang currently has different series of PET preform molds, including double-lock pneumatic needle valve preform molds, ultra-short gate preform molds, wide-mouth preform molds, five Gallon thick wall preform mold.
With the growth of the market demand for PET bottles, the related filling equipment has gradually become more important. As a supplier of professional injection molding equipment and blow molding equipment, Juguang provides our customers with important packaging production lines.
On the premise of ensuring the stability of the machine, Juguang has improved the cooling system and developed a new oil distribution system, which is the key to increasing the speed of the machine.
In order to provide customers with better services, Juguang cooperates with well-known auxiliary equipment manufacturers with its many years of experience and technology in the field of blowing and injection molding to provide customers with relevant auxiliary equipment and create better 's plan.